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Sun protection is critical because over the years our skin is subjected numerous times to overexposure, causing burns and redness. Whenever our skin suffers, this is recorded on the memory cell and as a result we find premature skin aging, wrinkles and the worst melanoma or skin cancer.

Are UVA and UVB rays which are more harmful in long exposures. Let’s differentiate between them. On the one hand UVA rays it is what is highest percentage reach the earth’s crust, tan tan immediately but this is not durable. They cross glass and cause premature aging of the skin. UVB, they arrive to a lesser extent the earth’s crust, are essential to create vitamin D and filtered through glasses and clothing. Prolonged exposure weakens the immune system and produces the same damage that direct heat, redness, burning, …

Sunscreen is essential and awning fabric you are going to install in your home should have a good ultraviolet protection factor. Awnings Toldos Costa Blanca have a +50 UPF protection equivalent almost to a full screen. Not all fabrics offer the same range of sun protection. It is important to find out the protection that is offering you the awning.

Remember, we can advise you to make your awning is fully adapted to your needs, we are professionals, manufacturers and installers. And the only company in the awning sector to obtain the ISO 9001: 2008 quality.

This certification does nothing more than add confidence to our customers who entrust the manufacture and installation of your awning to our company. All our staff is totally focused on customer satisfaction. To this end we have implemented pioneering measures in the sector that are delivering a satisfaction survey, where the customer qualifies commercial work and installers, delivery of the letter of guarantee and instruction manual in hand, once installation is complete. And a subsequent call quality department after a few days, in which various aspects of the company is valued. All these measures help to improve our products and give our customers the peace of mind and satisfaction of choosing an awning and a quality company.

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