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Vertical awning curtain


Product description:

It is a system of vertical drop awning. Its use can be combined to obtain various types of environment: The winter, ideal to close a space and allow its use either to install a small room or small living room.

Since protect from inclement weather, in turn, allows the entry of light so that the closed space becomes a pleasant environment. The summer, ideal to establish an intimate space.

Colours: White powder coating RAL. SEE THE COLORS RAL
Fixing: aluminum brackets to ceiling or between walls.
Fabrics: Acrylics, PVC or technical textiles.
Inclination: Vertical Fall.
Complements: Chest Nautico, windbreaks Guides SEE ACCESSORIES
Measure Maximum Advised: Width up to 3.5 meters
Motorization: Yes, optional.
Curtain with Window,
Without window curtain.



Product Description


The vertical awning curtain is often used for exterior walls, so we get an intimate and sheltered from the wind and rain space.


transparent areas are inserted into the curtain, so you are allowed to see through it, if you do not want to miss the views or just prefer to have a window.


The guide is mainly used for exterior walls, so the wind step is avoided and the isolation is much better.

They can be combined, and have models with guides and windows. Designs adapt to your needs.


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