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Awnings for cars

Product description:

Its main feature is the strength of the structure as having no moving parts allows better anchoring and prevents deterioration of these moving parts. It is built to suit the needs of space required by the customer can be of different shapes and slopes.

Colours: White powder coating RAL Ral SEE COLORS
Complimentary PowerPoint. SEE ACCESSORIES
Fabrics: Acrylic, PVC or technical textiles.
Recommended maximum size: limited to the space.


Product Description

This kind of awning is ideal for terraces, its strong structure allows the awning is resistant to water, leaving the isolated area fully terrace. Also very advantageous as awnings for cars. In this way the parking of your car is fully covered and the car is protected from sun and rain.

The awning can be the size you need, as large as necessary for the area to cover is completely isolated. It can also be done differently, both as flat curved surface, or with different slopes to the side as needed.


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