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awnings Abris

Product description:

It is a special combination of a structure with two awnings invisible arms. This combination allows the awning to be adapted anywhere and surface.

No special permits because it is not anchored to the ground, it may have to do some counterweights (planters, cement, etc ..) that allow you to support the opening of the two awnings without moving.

It can be closed on the sides and apply a SOMBREX in the front so that the enclosure is possible.

Colours: White powder coating RAL Ral SEE COLORS
Fixing: aluminum brackets to structure ..
Fabrics: Acrylic, PVC or technical textiles.
Sexual orientation: Optional, up to a max angle of 60 °.
Measure Maximum Advised: width up to 5 meters, Extension to 3 meters.
Complimentary Tejadillo, SOMBREX, nautical chest and crossed arms kit allows further extension with less width.
Motorization: Yes, optional and recommended.


Product Description

It is a type of awning that combines in a single structure two extendable arms awnings thus allows to cover a large area and in turn offers many possibilities as it can move or if the customer wishes can also be anchored. Allow to create an enclosure from them by a SOMBREX on the sides.

The Abris awnings offer many advantages as for installation do not require any permission, allow easy and convenient assembly and disassembly, since you can install wherever needed.

The Abris awnings are provided with counterweights which can be parts of cement, or other elements such as boxes that make the result more aesthetic.


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