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Awnings can be a good decoration for your home, garden or business. If you plan to install an awning at home, with the arrival of good weather may have in mind some sort of idea, we want to advise you and give you a new set of ideas that can make the awning fits your needs completely. Read carefully what you propose below:

  • The awning will be much better if measured. If the sheet you need is customized and is fully adjusted to the area you need to cover the result it will be much better, because this way you can define in advance you want shade and space want to continue with Sol.
  • Shade sails are a new type of more aesthetic awning than conventional awnings, if you are thinking of installing an awning and want an aesthetic and functional result, no doubt shade sails  are the type of awning you are looking for.
  • Platform, if you want to install a pergola, add dais to the area in which you install the awning will make the zone is much more defined, in addition to defining a new space. The area will be much cozier
  • Box awnings, the chest is a complement to the awnings, in the chest or case the awning is fully saved once collected, this type of supplement is usually installed on the awning with extensible or invisible arms. Today is the most widely installed because they are functional, clean lines and allow for installation of the motor and the detector wind and sun.

We therefore recommend pergolas, awnings sailing and extensible type box awnings. They are the kind of facilities that best suit the terraces or gardens, which one thinks is the best suited to your space and budget requests.

Written by luisa