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Manufacture and installation of pergolas in Alicante

The pergola is a good solution to create a new space in your garden, patio, home or business. It may comprise various shapes, with four legs, only two and anchored to the wall, or can be anchored to two walls and thus eliminating the legs.

You can be totally independent of your home or be connected or anchored to one of its walls. They are designed to create new areas of shade and relax, and enjoy the outdoors. They can be decorative elements and can be defined with own or suitable to decorate your home or business style.

You should consider all the options available in the market before making your choice:

  1. Find out if you need permits for installation. It is important to clarify this point before you start doing any construction.
  2. Think of the decorative elements you have in your home or business. Pergolas can be wood, aluminum, or may be attached to pillars. Ten of which of these materials it is most suitable for you.
  3. Always required quality certifications, materials must be prepared to withstand inclement weather as they are for outdoor use, and must pass rigorous quality controls at the time of manufacture, and certify that the installation is adequate and that no carries a risk of rupture or danger in the assembly. Certification ISO 9001 quality certification and European marking UNE – EN 13561 certified manufacturing standards and European installation.
  4. Remember it is very important proper installation, because under it will spend many hours and do not want to expose the structure to fall over your family, friends or clients. Calls for the guarantee in writing.
  5. Note that through good design of an outdoor area can get add value to your home or business. Include water sources, roads on the grass, flowers, small trees are elements that we can evoke harmony and tranquility, and influencing the mood of people who are in it.
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