Do you have any questions? Awnings Costa Blanca will answer all your questions.


Awnings Costa Blanca are manufacturers of canopies in Alicante, work the entire area of the province of Alicante, and we think that these questions can solve some of the most common questions that arise about the care and maintenance of the awning.

1- Is it possible to install in my house the awning I choose?

Yes, our sales team will advise you to offer the best solution for your home or business. Note that if you live in a community of owners will have to meet the standards of the community, usually a particular color and if you live in the historic center should be informed if there are rules about the color or type of awning at City Hall.

2- Do I need permission to install the awning?

Generally no  but it usually involves some alteration of urban aesthetics or within a historic downtown, yes. Our business will help in this matter if it comes as each Community regulated differently permissions.

3- Can I motorize my awning?

Any shade can be installed with a motor or wind and sun sensor. Ideally, put it at the time of installation but can also be subsequently though the cost would be higher than if motorized from the beginning.

4- Can I roll up my awning if it rains?

If it rains you should close your awning because the awning is a sunscreen, not rain. However, if it gets wet it will not rot because the canvas is acrylic but it would be better to unwind as soon as possible to dry.

5- Is my awning waterproof?

The acrylic fabric  awning is completely waterproof but will  hold a columm of water 250 mm minimun. The problem is not that the canvas is wet but it bagged water weight on the awning so we recommend installing the new detector wind and sun and avoid these problems.

6- If the light of my house goes off do I lose the final race of the engine of my awning?

Both motors with electronic limit radius as mechanical stop limit switches remain before a blackout.

7- Can I put any awning on my facade?

Awnings can fit most of the facades of houses. However, as some are heavy, it is important that certain security measures be considered. Our team of professionals will advise you for your awning is securely installed with maximum security.

8- How long does an awning last?

The duration of the canopy depends on several factors: the installation location, weather conditions, the care it has had dispensed, the type of awning, etc. Generally canvas is usually the first thing that deteriorates but not before 5 years.

Request a free quotation to change their tarpaulins if necessary.

9- How long does it take to get my awning installed?

Once you accept their quotation, no more than a week you will have your perfectly fitted awning.

10- What guarantee does the awning have?

Your awning has a two year warranty from date of installation and covers any manufacturing defect. Formalize your warranty and installation certificate to avoid problems with the insurance in case of accident. Awnings Costa Blanca always delivers the Guarantee Certificate after installation of the awning.

11- What is the CE mark?

It is a European security policy which requires awnings installers to certify the installation. Awnings Costa Blanca, being manufacturer certifies that each awning complies with the CE mark. Insist your installer CE certificate.