Do you know that awnings can be motorized ?, almost all awnings can be motorized, it is not necessary to install a new one, we can install an engine in your old awning.

The advantages of having a motorized awning are many:
Comfort, have a motorized awning is more than comfortable. It allows you to raise and lower the awning without any effort, gently pick up the awning when actions the remote control or remote control. You’ll no longer need the crank classic that was an effort especially on hot summer days. Now can this lying placidly and up and down the awning according to your needs and the position of the sun.

Improved the life of the awning, which means this, that the awning is collected gently with the action of the engine, and does not suffer and fall collection, since the movements are smooth and continuous, without jerks or spurts.

Distinction, a motorized awning offers some distinction in contrast to classic awning.

What’s more, the engine of the awning you can add a device to detect the sun and wind. This device the awning is to collect and automatically extend without you share the remote control. In the event that the Sun is incident on the detector it extends the awning to fulfill its function, protecting the front of your home light, UV rays and high temperatures that accompany it. On the other hand, if the detector detects a wind gust of wind that can endanger your awnings, the motor is driven and awnings will start automatically collect.

Do not hesitate to install a motor to your awning, and if you think you install a new awning we suggest that motorices and add the detector wind and sun.

Written by luisa