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In your window you can install various types of awnings, according to tastes and needs have various types of models that can be used to cover sales:



First extensible awning or invisible arm, this type of awning has very good finish and is the most widely installed today, on the one hand the arms do not remove visibility, allow the lateral space is free. And secondly, its design is very aesthetic and functional. This type of awning can be fixed both to the ceiling and the wall. And his arms extending up and down gently allow the awning on a motorized or manual mechanism.


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Punto recto awnings are the classic awnings with an arm attached to the wall or a railing. This type of awning can also be installed on windows and can be attached to the ceiling or between walls. Like the previous model it can also be motorized awning.

Both models awnings are highly recommended for windows, allowing regulate light and heat coming into the house, as well as providing a good level of privacy.


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Canopies the hoods are another type of awnings formed by an aluminum structure, are the quintessential decorative awnings, and very suitable for windows as they provide a high level of privacy in the home. They are collected easily because of its structure. Although there is also an alternative version of the hood that is fixed version.

All awnings are manufactured individually and as thus offer a wide range of possibilities. Our fabrics are of high quality and resistance sunscreen and filtering offering up to 98% of UV rays.


The variety of colors and designs of fabrics is very large and can adapt the model awning according to your needs and tastes.

Motorized awnings allow thus are operated by a remote control or use being even more simple and practical. We also have wind and sun sensors for mechanisms to automatically actuate when sun or wind is detected.

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